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Services and Rates

Investing in bodywork is an investment in your health. I appreciate referrals and will reward any referral by giving a 10% discount to both parties in the following therapy! 

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is customized to include Myo​fascial Release (MFR), Cranio​sacral Therapy (CST), Trigger Point, Muscle Energy Techniques and massage. Each therapy is unique based upon a structural assessment at the beginning of each therapy session. Purchasing a package of 5 saves you 10%! 

Healing Touch (HT) is energy work that focuses on balancing the chakra system. This type of bodywork is used in hospitals nation wide. It is proven to prepare patients for invasive procedures; calming body and mind. Hospital stays are shortened when patients receive Healing Touch after procedures and surgeries. 

Pediatric therapies for children 12 and under typically require less time. Children respond much more quickly to bodywork than adults because they have fewer layers of restriction to release. Parents must be present for children until the age of 18. Arrangements for reduced rates can be arranged.

Packages of 5 reflect a 10% discount.



Healing Touch$75.00 / 60 minutes
IMT package of 5 - 120 minutes$765.00
IMT package of 5 - 60 minutes$450.00
IMT package of 5 - 90 minutes$607.50
Integrative Manual Therapy$100.00 / 60 minutes
Integrative Manual Therapy$135.00 / 90 minutes
Integrative Manual Therapy$170.00 / 120 minutes
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