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Lori took a brachial plexus neuropathy injury that gave me very little range of motion at all to full range of motion that I thought I'd never have. I no longer have pain. I increased strength with physical therapy. I had much more numbness in my hand and fingers before seeing Lori, 60 percent were numb with little feeling, but now it's 10 percent. She released scar tissue, adhesions, from neck injuries I've had for 5 or 6 years so now I get almost complete range of motion in my neck, from 70 percent to 90 percent. Sometimes golf or too long or heavy lifting gets me out of alignment. When that happens, Lori always gets me back into alignment right away.


I am a 51 year old female with fibromyalgia and also suffer from chronic headaches (24/7) for the past 33 years. I've been seeing Lori for nearly one year now 1 to 2 times per week and she is absolutely the best Myofascial Release/Bodyworker I have ever been to! And I have seen quite a few others over a number of years, but none even come close to Lori's healing capabilities.

When I first saw Lori, I had very poor posture and was in a a lot of daily head and neck pain. I took opiates as needed for the "really bad days." Lori got right to work and in our first session she was able to get rid of a huge muscle spam in my neck that had been plaguing me that I had had for seven months. Needless to say I was simply amazed! She started me on some simple stretches that I do at home and since then we have worked together to improve my posture and reduce my pain. In fact, my posture has become so much better, even though my weight hasn't changed, most of my clothes don't fit! I have also been completely off the opiates for four months now. Through Lori I am willing to talk to anyone who may have questions about the therapy and/or about myself.


As soon as Lori looked at my body alignment and the way I walked, she knew exactly where I was experiencing pain and difficulty, even without me saying anything. She has done that at each session. Other clients I've spoken with have had the same experience. The best thing is that she relieves the pain and aligns the body in a patient, systematic manner. It's great to find a natural remedy so that no pain medications are necessary. Lori gives suggestions for things I can do between sessions which leads to longer amounts of time being pain-free with gradual healing of the piriformis and iliopsoas injury which has not ressponded to regular physical therapy alone. 

Lori is always respectful, reliable, realistic and positive. Other people I know have found Lori's therapy helpful to relieve pain and dysfunction associated with fibromyalgia, lower extremity neuropathy, mild traumatic brain injury, neck injury, cancer, orthopedic surgery, low back pain and shoulder pain. A common word I hear them say when they describe Lori is, "Amazing!" She is expert and gifted in many ways and is always developing those dimensions, sharing her knowledge and skill to help so many people.



For over five years, I have experienced a domino effect of pain all the way down my legs and in my lower back, stemming from my hips. A chiropractor only worsened the issue. When practicing yoga over the past three years, I have consistently stretched and paid attention to my hips. I could feel the difference between the muscles in my left and right hips, but I could never substantially loosen the tightness or correct the imbalance in the tissue. At times I would wince in pain, unable to stand or sit. Without mentioning the chronic pain to Lori, she spotted it the moment I walked into her room. Within my two hour session, Lori was able to loosen and align the inner workings of my hips. It is freeing and a gift to have my hips back. 

Five years prior to seeing Lori, I had pneumonia. During that time I broke a rib due to coughing. Ever since, I was unable to breath properly. Anytime I ran or caught a cold, I couldn't breath, worrying those around me. I assumed my breathing problem was permanent. I never mentioned the issue to Lori. The first time I saw her, she began working on the right side of my ribs. After a time, I felt the release and Lori was aware of it as well. I was suddenly able to fill my right lung, breathing fully and smoothly. As I took deep breaths for the first time in five years, I cried.


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